Specifically, the Ohio Asian American Pacific Islander Advisory Council is dedicated carrying out the following concrete goals, objectives and tasks:

  • Obtain a Commission status in Ohio with a state budget allocation.
  • Advocate for direct participation and appointment of Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) to responsible positions in policy-making, planning and decision-making bodies (including the legislative, judicial and executive branches in government, as well as in business and nonprofit organizations).
  • Provide advice, information and recommendations to the Governor and his cabinet members regarding programs and policies intended to address issues specific to Ohio's AAPIs.
  • Serve as liaisons to state agencies; improve access to and quality of government programs and services; and encourage innovative and radical thinking and solutions in helping existing agency programs adjust to changing funding levels.
  • Improve AAPI leaders’ capacity to conduct effective outreach efforts and become better community organizers.
  • Expand employment opportunities for unskilled AAPI workers; advocate recruitment and promotion opportunities for AAPI professionals and managers.
  • Help AAPIs apply for legal residency status, obtain necessary health and human services to adjust to American life, and become productive citizens.
  • Promote culturally competent efforts to increase knowledge of infectious, chronic and mental health conditions; improve health-seeking behavior, from prevention to treatment.
  • Promote AAPI participation in business leadership and opportunities, such as minority assistance programs and business with their native countries.
  • Promote business participation as resource of support in AAPI mobilization.
  • Promote communication and exchanges within AAPI communities, as well as between AAPIs and society at large; increase AAPIs’ visibility and exposure in all parts of Ohio life; highlight the diversity and uniqueness of the AAPI communities, as well as their commonalities with other racial/ethnic groups; and clarify the impact of AAPI immigration on the American socioeconomic and cultural footprint.
  • Encourage compliance with insurance participation in healthcare, housing and other aspects of American life.
  • Increase awareness of AAPI culture through Heritage Month in May, Asian festivals and other AAPI activities.